Emason Mshana

Safari Guide
E-mail: wildbugadventures@gmail.com
Brief info

Emason Mshana is a local Tanzanian Rastafari. He has been a real adventurer his whole life, on the African continent, Europe and North America. He has also led Safaris and high mountain adventures and expeditions in Tanzania his entire working life.
Since when he was a little boy, Emasons dream was to work with Wildlife and to be outside in the Nature, traveling and sharing experience to people from all over the world.

After Emason completed his college training in Royal institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, he joined a tour Guiding team, where he has since then been leading groups and individuals on safari in Tanzania.

Emasons passion and knowledge of Tanzanian history, flora, fauna and culture is phenomenal, and his enthusiasm energy has no end.

Emason is very committed to his Non-Profit organization pamoja Afrika, where he works with the local community in Kilimanjaro. The organization deals with improving education, and providing better nutrition to the youth. Supplying clean water to the villagers is also one of the top priorities of the organization. If you are interested in reading more about Pamoja Afrika, you can visit his Non-profit organization at www.pamojaafrika.org.