Cycling And Motorbike

Bike & Motor Tour

Join our nature Cycling & Mobike adventures

We created these programs to give our clients access to explore the many hidden trails found in Tanzanian. Whether you prefer the self-propelled challenge of biking, or the fast-paced adventure of motor biking, we will provide you with the proper equipment and expert guidance to make your dreams a reality.


Do you love the challenges of cycling? Our Cycling Adventures are designed for people who enjoy cycling through rough roads, dusty trails and hillside terrain.

Touring a new country via bicycle, offers up a vivid, hands-on perspective. While varied distances and unpredictable weather patterns can prove challenging at times, the rewarding feeling when you have arrived at your destination is like no other.

For peace of mind and safety, the Wild Bug’s crew is always there for any assistance you should happen to need. You will be equipped with both a knowledgeable Tour Leader biking ahead and a well stocked Support Vehicle close behind. Due to the equatorial weather and rugged terrain, we advise that you prepare with some cycling before arrival for your own comfort.

Wild Bug Adventures will provide you with an excellent condition, well-serviced mountain bike as well as a helmet for your safety. We also help to store your excess baggage in the support vehicle so you may enjoy the ride more freely. Lastly, at the end of an invigorating day of riding, there will be a hot meal and comfortable sleeping accommodations awaiting you.

Motor biking

Whether you are looking for an adventurous ride or something a bit more relaxed, we have something that is just right for you. From leisurely day trips exploring waterfalls and coffee plantations, to multiday off-the-beaten- path adventures, we offer it all.

Our motor biking tours have been designed to provide our clients with a maximum riding experience in a controlled and comfortable environment. For everyone’s safety, all interested in operating a motorbike must have previous riding experience and present their guide with a valid motor biking license from their home country.

We provide you with a well-serviced motorbike, helmet, first aid kit and experienced guide who will lead at a pace that is comfortable for you.

If you cannot ride a motorbike yourself, don’t be left behind. Wild Bug Adventures will provide you with an experienced motorbike operator while you just enjoy the fresh air and spectacular scenery.

Come feel the freedom of exploring a new country as an active part of the environment and not just a passenger looking out through the car window. Ride through exotic landscapes and make stops along the way to experience the local foods, and diverse tribes of welcoming people. We assure you, this is an adventure you will not soon forget!

Cycling Tour

Wild Bug Adventures Cycling program is designed for people who are interested to cycle through rough roads, dust cycle paths trails and minimum distances of cycling that may be up and down hills, dust and sometimes very hot.

The best way we judge the difficulty of a route is by the daily distances. Some days may seams easy riding on forests, bush lands and some may be dust.

What may be an easy ride on a sunny day can seem twice as long when wet and windy and for that reason we advise between (30k) to (65k) per day. The difficult tours are indicated and together with the mountain bike routes they require a higher level of fitness. For your own comfort we advise that you prepare with some cycling before arrival