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The Bugs​ aren’t just focused on amazing animals and glorious landscapes; we are also in-the-know when it comes to the 120 tribes who call Tanzania home. Impressively, many of these vast tribes carry on traditions, and a way of life that dates back over one-hundred-years! The Maasai, Hadzabe, Datoga, Chagga, and Pare tribes offer some compelling tour options.

Cultural tourism is becoming a popular way for tourists not to just “pass through” and visit a country’s world renowned attractions but to become more immersed and knowledgeable about the local people as well. ​Wild Bug Adventures​ Cultural Tours are twofold in that they offer our clients a unique, mind-expanding experience while at the same time, offering the local people an opportunity to generate income and improve their standard of living.

​Whether you are interested in the ​Datoga’s intricate jewelry making and beadwork​, ​the Maasai’s exhilarating dance rituals ​or the ​Hadzabe’s impressive archery skills​, we will customize the ideal cultural excursion so you may witness these skillful artists at their best. Our guides are local Tanzanians who are not only culture and wildlife experts but also have a passion for what they do. Of course, our Cultural Tours are organized with the upmost courtesy and respect for the villages and homes that are visited. Join us for an unforgettable experience as you step into another part of what makes Tanzania so special

Culture Tours

Team Members

Kilimanjaro Guide

Arnold Mlay

His mission is to ensure that clients experience a memorable and successful mountain climb or safari. One of his specialties is sharing knowledge, information and motivates to help clients prepare for their trip.

Tour Organizer

Blass Amani Saleko

A professional driver guide(you can also call him Amani) who has an experience in the tourism business for almost 14 years and has an ability of speaking multiple languages such as Swahili,English,Germany and Spanish. He organizes all the Tours/Safaris as per the clients needs.

Safari Guide

Emason Mshana

Full of passion and knowledge of Tanzanian history, flora, fauna and culture is phenomenal, and his enthusiasm energy has no end.